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150 Corlaer Ave, Schenectady, NY,
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Sundays at 10:00am
Brown School

we are


We Are Redemption

We’re here for people like you who are in need of

Our Mission

To bring redemption through Jesus to everyone, every day, everywhere.

Our method to achieving this mission is by reaching up through our upward focus through worship, reaching in through our internal focus to bless others through serving and giving, and reaching out by our outward focus locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our City

Schenectady, NY

We take steps of
crazy faith
to see a movement in our region.

Redemption church is deeply committed to creating a difference in this area, and we’re going to use generosity as one of the ways to lead and make a change. We, as a church are going to work more, serve more, and give more than we ever have to see His reward, souls, experience what Jesus sacrifice Himself for. We are not going to let His sacrifice be in vain on our watch.

Our Values

The Bible

We grow one step closer to Jesus everyday by becoming who He tells us to be in His word.

Community Relationships

The church isn’t a building; it’s a community. We will find our significance through our relationships.

The Mission

We will live for the bigger picture, taking action in communities locally and globally.


If we are going to live out our mission, we must unleash the creative potential God has placed in us.

The Local Church

We will invest our lives to build the local church. The church is a big deal to God and a big deal to us.


Prayer is the avenue that brings us to God’s presence: where real change occurs in us and then affects every part of our lives.

Culturally Distinct

We are radically diverse in age, ethnicity, and background. Our individual uniquenesses make us stronger together through Jesus


We will lead the way with irrational generosity. We truly believe it is more blessed to give than receive.

The Team

Our Leadership

Pastor Jason Cooper
Pastor Jason Cooper

Lead Pastor

Pastor Danielle Cooper
Pastor Danielle Cooper

Lead Pastor

Pastor Steven Musso
Pastor Steven Musso

Worship Pastor

Krista Ullstrom
Krista Ullstrom

Redemption Kids Pastor

Jenna Malone
Jenna Malone